GERMAN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — The Clark County community is continuing to mourn the loss of a young student who was killed in a school bus crash Tuesday morning.

A memorial grew overnight at the site of the crash. People left stuffed animals and balloons, and stopped to say prayers for the family of the young boy. Ricky Smith lives near the crash site. He said it is amazing to see the community come together during this difficult time.

“I feel like it’s just God moving us together to help out the family,” Smith said.

Katie Stephens watched the crash happen right in front of her Tuesday. She said her three children were on the bus.

“Immediately when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s going to hit the bus.’ I didn’t think it was going to roll the bus over like it did, but when it did, I pulled over and I was like, ‘My kids are on that bus, my kids are on that bus.’ It just freaked me out,” Stephens explained.

Her kids are doing ok now, but they are scared to ride a bus again. She stopped by the memorial to show support for the family of the child who lost his life.

“I really have been sending prayers to the family that lost their child. I cannot imagine being the one losing my child on that bus. I’m very sad and heartbroken by it,” Stephens said.

Classes at Northwestern Local Schools were canceled Wednesday, and grief counselors were on hand to help kids deal with the loss. Superintendent Jesse Steiner said the support from the community has been overwhelming.

“Just a ton of support from our community and Clark County. But we’ve received messages from all over the state and the country. So very thankful, very grateful,” Steiner said.

While the school year started in tragedy, Steiner hopes students and staff members will continue to lean on each other the rest of the year, and hold on to what matters most.

“Let’s focus on loving each other as a community and picking each other up, being there for each other, and making this one of the best years that we can,” Steiner said.

Classes at Northwestern Local Schools are canceled for Thursday as well. Steiner also said they have been in contact with the driver of the bus and they are making sure he is getting the help he needs.