DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – With three shootings in less than one week in the City of Springfield, two of them deadly, an organization is working to address and stop the sudden outbreak in violence.

The members of the Springfield NAACP met Friday night to discuss their plans for the new year, at the same time, what’s on their minds is how to address the gun violence that is happening.

“It’s disturbing, it’s horrible and it’s senseless,” Springfield NAACP President Denise Williams said. “I am still trying to wrap my arms around what is causing this.”

The first shooting happened on New Year’s Day at a home on the 100th block of South Race Street. Two people were shot, and one man died.

The second happened January 2 at the same Race Street home, and two more people were injured.

Police arrested and charged three suspects in connection to those incidents.

The third shooting happened Thursday night near the intersection of Kenton Street and Burt Street. Thomas Gill was shot and later died at the hospital.

Springfield Police Chief Allison Elliot held a press conference for the second time this week to give an update on the investigations.

“I think it would be speculating to try to understand the motives, again, everyone, our detective bureau, our officers, I can assure you they have been here, I have watched it, I have witnessed it, they are working around the clock,” Elliot said.

With violence an ongoing issue in Springfield, Williams said she has reached out to meet with Chief Elliot.

“To see what her thoughts are and what we as an organization can do to help her,” Williams said.

The organization has held community gatherings, events, and even a youth summit to try to curb the violence happening in Springfield.

Williams said that isn’t enough. She needs more people to get behind their mission.

“It’s not just the NAACP wanting to do something about it,” Williams said. “It takes the entire community and county. We all need to fill up the streets and come together and say no more.”

The Springfield Police Department is asking for anyone with information about any of these incidents to come forward. You can call the 24 hour Information Officer at (937) 324-7685 or the officer in charge at (937) 324-7716.