DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton’s city commission officially passed the expanded DORA, or Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area. People will soon be able to walk around most of Downtown Dayton with their favorite adult beverages.

The new boundaries extend from Fifth Street in the Oregon District to Riverscape MetroPark, including the area between Wilkinson Street and Keowee Street.

Warped Wing Brewing Company’s Dayton location will be under the expanded DORA. Nick Bowman, the co-founder of the brewery, said his team is looking forward to this new opportunity for growth.

“When the DORA first came to Out on Fifth Street, we wanted to be a part of it. To see the Downtown Dayton Partnership working over the last so many months, years, putting that together, we’re very excited about it. I think it’s a game changer for downtown,” Bowman explained.

Dayton’s growing Water Street District will also be under the expanded DORA. Chris Bhai, the General Manager of Brixx Ice Co., said this is just what the city needs to keep downtown growing.

“I believe this DORA will kind of put the cherry on top, be the culmination of getting back to normal, and getting outside and just enjoying having a beverage, and walking around and enjoying the city,” Bhai said.

Next door at the Moeller Brew Barn, General Manager, Robert Crow, said he is looking forward to connecting with more people in the downtown area.

“It’s amazing. It’s nice to be able to walk around downtown, experience all of the local businesses, and that just helps grow the community,” Crow said.

Warped Wing’s Bowman added this DORA expansion will only help businesses still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re seeing a comeback, but we’re not quite back to pre-pandemic levels. So I think this is a great attraction for people in the surrounding suburbs to come down, experience downtown, check out the shops, the restaurants, the breweries,” Bowman said.

The Downtown Dayton Partnership is currently putting up signs around the city explaining the new DORA boundaries, and working with businesses to order the DORA cups. The DORA is officially set to start mid-June once the state signs off on the expansion.