DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Thursday night, two officers found a missing Ohio infant alive, several days after the child and his brother had disappeared from Columbus.

According to police, the child was found in Indianapolis hours after the kidnapping suspect, Nalah Jackson, was taken into custody, WCMH reported.

Two of the INPD officers on the scene, Sgt. Richard El and Sgt. Shawn Anderson, explained what they found.

“He was in good shape,” El said. “He was awake, eyes were open. He was in a onesie. He looked to be in good shape. A little cold, but we were able to pick him up and warm him up and get some medics out to check him out. Overall, he appeared to be in good shape, and we were happy to find him.”

The officers ensured the 5-month-old was checked out by medics before returning him to his family.

For Sgt. Anderson, this case hits close to home.

“My children are adults now, but that feeling as a parent, it never goes away,” Anderson said.

“At that moment when I held baby Kason, it felt like the relief of holding my own children. It was one of the best feelings and experiences that I’ve had in my 23 years in law enforcement. These are the moments we live for. That we can bring joy to others and serve the community. It’s why I put on the uniform every day. It keeps me going.”