KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – As Ohio’s COVID-19 hosptializations remain high, health officials in the Miami Valley are weighing in on what that could mean for the state nearing a peak in cases.

Kettering Health patient safety officer Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein said the network is experiencing a peak in hospitalizations that hasn’t been seen since winter. However, the past 10 days may show they’ve reached a plateau.

“Our numbers, perhaps are not going up as sharply, but there’s still a very, very large number of patients in the hospital with COVID-19,” Weinstein said.

As Ohio COVID-19 hospitalization rates climb, Weinstein said health officials are looking at what’s happeing in other states where cases are declining.

“States that got the surge earlier are actually beginning to go down now, and I think, or we’re hoping that Ohio is nearing a peak and will be going down shortly,” Weinstein said.

According to data from the Ohio Hospital Association, there was a 4% increase in hospitalizations in the last seven days compared to the week prior, and a 35% increase over the last 21 days.

In the Miami Valley, hospitalizations in the last seven days are down 7%.

Even local health departments are keeping an eye out for a peak. Clark County Combined Health District reported a decrease in confirmed COVID-19 cases last week, with 467 cases.

“When we see that number go down by, you know, a 150 or more in a given week, that certainly is a sign of optimism,” CCCHD communications coordinator Nate Smith said.

Though showing signs of moving in the right direction, Smith said Ohioans are not in the clear just yet.

“We just encourage folks to hang with us a little bit longer, we appreciate the folks that have chosen to become educated and chosen the vaccine, and we recognize that’s out best path forward,” Smith said.

Smith said there’s no specific indicator for the county’s cases decreasing, but they point to more vaccinations in recent weeks and schools implementing mask requirements.