DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Phase I of the Dayton Arcade is under construction and making good progress according to senior directors involved in the project. The Arcade was originally built in the early 1900’s and is now being revitalized to bring new attractions to the downtown Dayton area.

“It’s pretty important to take a great icon like [the Arcade] and bring it back to a community that’s long been missing it,” said David Williams, the Senior Director of Development for Real Estate with the project.

Phase I of the arcade will focus on innovation. There is a ‘Tank’ area of the building that will look and operate like a Black Box Theater. There are also plans for public event spaces, restaurants, shops and even a kitchen incubator to help food startups.

“It’s all about planning,” said Williams “This is a story about preparing for development of this size and how it impacts and transforms a part of anybody’s downtown.”

Project developers are focusing on creating and perfecting the smallest details involved with the arcade. Some of their ideas incorporate the past and present to create a new landmark in Dayton.

According to Williams, some of the artwork is being painted and worked on by the descendants of some of the orginal artists.

Williams also says that by December of 2020, they expect to have some tenants moved in to the residential areas of the arcade, although construction might still be on going.

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