DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Over two months after he was shot in the line of duty, a Clearcreek Township police officer has finally been released from the hospital for the second time.

On July 12, Officer Eric Ney with the Clearcreek Township Police Department was shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence call. He was brought to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition. Ten days later he was released to a rehabilitation center before he was allowed to return home.

About two weeks after he was released from the ICU, on August 14, officer Ney was brought back to the hospital in critical condition. His wife, Lisa Ney, said he had air in his brain from a bullet hole between his brain and skull. In addition, Ney was also dealing with brain bleeds, clotting and a buildup of spinal fluid.

After several weeks of going in and out of surgery,  the surgeons were able to find the hole and patch it. A few days later, Ney regained consciousness but remained in critical condition.

On Monday, Sept. 19, Ney was once again released to the rehab facility across from the hospital, said John Terrill, Clearcreek Twp. Police chief. While the last surgery appears to have been effective, Ney is still facing a long recovery. He still faces struggles with blood clots.

“Hopefully, this is back to rehab and recovery with no more scares,” Terrill said. “As always, he has a long road ahead of him.”