EATON, Ohio (WDTN) – Body camera footage obtained by 2 NEWS shows the moment a Preble County woman admitted she killed her grandmother.

35-year-old Heidi Matheny of Eaton is charged with murder in the drowning of her 93-year-old grandmother, Alice Matheny.

Body camera footage shows an Eaton police officer arriving at the Preble County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer approached Heidi Matheny, who was sitting on a chair in the lobby.

“What’s going on?” the officer asked. “I feel like I put the dog down,” Heidi Matheny said.

The officer took Heidi Matheny to an interview room. Once in the interview room, Heidi Matheny is visibly emotional.

The officer asked Heidi Matheny what happened.

“I just put her head in the sink, we fought, but I just held it there until she stopped blowing bubbles, then I drug her to couch, and she kept blowing bubbles, so I put her in the bathtub until she stopped,” Heidi Matheny said.

Police found Alice Matheny dead in her apartment on Sommers Street in Eaton on November 16.

The officer asks Heidi Matheny what led up to this.

“Nothing special, it was just like a day like every other day,” Heidi Matheny said.

Heidi Matheny told the officer she took Alice Matheny to the doctor’s the day before, and the doctor recommended Alice Matheny be put in a nursing home because that’s what she wants, but her family could not afford it.

Heidi Matheny said there was fighting in her family and her grandmother was stressed and having panic attacks.

“So you decided to take her life today?” the officer asked. “That’s right,” Heidi Matheny said.

The officer then asked Heidi Matheny what led her to take her grandmother’s life.

“She keeps calling and she wants me to sit there and listen to her, like every day, and I do it every day, but I can’t do it any longer,” Heidi Matheny said. “I’m going to kill myself. That’s where I’m at. I almost went with her, but I can’t drown myself.”

Following the interview, the body cam video showed Heidi Matheny handcuffed and taken into custody.

Heidi Matheny was taken to the Preble County jail before she was transferred to a behavioral healthcare facility.

Heidi Matheny’s next court appearance is Friday, November 9, at 8:30 a.m.