DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)—The American Red Cross is looking for volunteers to work in shelters for those caught in the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

The Central and Southern Ohio Region currently has 13 volunteers in Louisiana, with more to join them soon, the American Red Cross said in a release.

Yesterday, August 29, the Dayton chapter sent an Emergency Response Vehicle as well. These vehicles are used for distributing both food and supplies in disaster areas. The regional office said they expect to send another vehicle this coming week.

According to a release by the American Red Cross, more than 2,500 people sought refuge in approximately 60 Red Cross and community shelters across Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas on Sunday, August 29. The organization expects the number of people seeking shelter to increase in the coming days as power outages continue and people leave homes that are damaged or destroyed by the storm.

In addition to members in Louisiana, the American Red Cross reports they have volunteers dealing with the aftermath of wildfires out west and in Tennessee helping people recover from the floods.

The American Red Cross is asking for volunteers and medical professionals to support disaster shelters. The organization says volunteers will help with reception, registration, food distribution, dormitory, information collection and other tasks. Medical professionals may provide health screening for COVID-19 as well as hands-on care depending on professional licensure.

To volunteer or to donate to the American Red Cross, click here.