DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Local police departments are not the only ones mourning the loss of Det. Jorge Del Dio.

Officers from around the state came together on the cold November morning to pay their respects and honor their fallen comrade.

Hundreds of officers came from surrounding counties and cities, including: Lewisburg, Camden, Butler, Ravenswood, Vandalia, Gratis, Yellow Springs, Cincinnati, Columbus, Newark, Hilliard, Dublin, and more. 

Officers and families were escorted into the event through a separate entrance from the public. 

In the lobby, officers from around the area exchanged hugs, handshakes, and words of comfort. 

One officer said that it is always difficult to get through these events but that Detective Del Rio and his years of service make honoring his life and career more important than ever. 

One car that could be seen in the lot was the 2019 Montgomery County Peace Officer Memorial. The vehicle is painted black and features the traditional blue stripe running through the center. 

The vehicle commemorates local officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

“We salute 38 peace officers who made the ultimate sacrifice to their communities,” reads the message on the vehicle, seen below: 

After the funeral, police lined up outside as the casket was taken from the arena. 

Hundreds of police cruisers escorted the casket in a massive procession. There were so many cruisers, it took nearly an hour for the entire collection of police to pull out of the arena.