DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A local veteran is continuing to serve the community by donating blood to those in need.

William “Wes” Westmoreland kicked off the new year by making his 50th blood donation and leading the way as the first donor of 2023 at Dayton Community Blood Center.

The Community Blood Center was closed on New Year’s Day, and Westmoreland arrived early Monday morning to make a triple platelet donation, according to a release.

(Dayton Community Blood Center)

He said that he did not expect to be the year’s first donor.

“I did not,” Westmoreland said. “This was my plan, to get a nice 7 in the morning platelet donation and be off to the races, if you will. It’s a triple, so that’s why I wanted to come early since it does take a while.”

Westmoreland has been donating platelets since 2010 and made eight donations in 2022. He was also a blood donor prior to his 50 donations with the Community Blood Center, the release states.

“I’ve been donating for years,” he said. “I started donating when I was in the Army.”

Westmoreland has been a USPS mail carrier for the North Dayton Post Office since 2005.

More information about making donations at the Community Blood Center can be found here.