DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Huber Heights City Schools superintendent is helping fill a need by performing duties that aren’t necessarily in his job description. 

Jason Enix officially took over as superintendent for the district in August.

Since then, he’s shown he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and put in a little elbow grease.

Stepping up to help with ongoing busing issues and staffing shortages, Enix is getting behind the wheel himself, picking up bus routes. 

“When I got hired here, I let the transportation department know that I have my CDL and bus driver license, and when you need someone to help, give me a call and I will do everything I can to help out,” says Enix.

Enix kept his word. With a bus driver shortage, he’s had to answer that call.

“I got my license about 4 and half years or so ago when I was working at Beavercreek at the time. We were facing a bus driver shortage there too,” recounts Enix. 

It’s an issue he’s seen for about 6 years now. He says the pandemic and coming out of it has only made it worse.

“This is not just a Huber Heights City Schools issue. Every school district is facing a driver shortage,” states Enix. 

While he doesn’t hesitate to pitch in, he says people who are behind the wheel every day are Wayne’s true road warriors. 

“Our drivers, all drivers everywhere, they are really the unsung heroes of school districts because they are the first person a student sees when they start their school day, and they’re the last person when the school day ends, and you really do have an opportunity to have a positive effect on kids,” praises Enix. 

Enix does say the training process isn’t easy and does take some time, but if you like working with kids and being a part of the community, it’s worth it.

For information or to apply to become a driver, click here