HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – The city of Huber Heights is once again allocating funds to solve the issue of repeated water main breaks.

In 2020, Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore said, city engineers suggested lining the failing pipes with a protective coating. This project was begun in 20201, and the city successfully lined the most severely damaged pipes in the Ward 3-4 area. The city planned to continue this project in 2022.

A month ago, several mains broke, some of which had been lined, Gore said.

“We’ve had more than several discussions on preparing a new strategy and part of that strategy was to hire an outside engineering firm to research all the issues to include analyzing the broken pipe and the soils surrounding the pipe to help us understand why the mains were breaking,” Gore said in a Facebook post. “The cause of confusion for us is that older sections of the city with older infrastructure isn’t failing anywhere near the rate as it is in ward 3-4.”

But not all new sections are seeing this much damage. Gore says that sections of the city north of I-70 are not seeing these issues, and it may be for two reasons: pipe location and construction.

 In older areas, the pipes were placed directly under the middle of the streets and covered with simple backfill dirt.

The pipes in the newer sections north of I-70 are laid on the edges of the roadways and are covered with gravel and other fillers. These changes not only protect the pipes from potentially acidic and damaging soil but also reduce the vibrations the pipes must endure.

In the City Council meeting on Monday, December 13, the council approved the replacement of water mains on six to seven of the worst streets. Funds have also been approved to find out what damaged the lined pipes and fix it at the source.

Gore said in his post, “I realize this process may seem to be taking too long and I empathize with everyone’s thoughts and frustrations and am positive we are moving in the right direction, following the processes it takes to figure this out and allocating tax dollars in the most efficient manner possible until this is resolved once and for all.”