HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) — A Huber Heights police officer is helping bridge the gap between the community and police by building relationships and taking part in viral social media challenges.

On a dare from one of his sergeants, officer Nick Lambert recently took part in the “jumping challenge,” circulating on social media.

“You jump. You pause for 30 seconds. Then you jump. You move around in the meantime. And then you take out all of the parts of you on the ground in the video,” described officer Lambert. “It’s a ten-minute video cut down to 16 seconds.”

Officer Lambert used to be a school resource officer, now, he’s a public affairs officer and this is his way of relating to people, building rapport with the community, and showing his light-hearted side.

“That’s just me, and I think that, people on the street, they recognize real,” said officer Lambert.

The “jumping challenge” is not his first video. At Christmas, he dressed up as Buddy the Elf to announce Santa’s arrival in Huber Heights.

Well before that, he pulled a prank on his cousin, egging on the police/firefighter rivalry.

“My cousin who’s a firefighter in Troy, he left for vacation and told me to watch his house. While he was gone, I took a metal sign that said ‘Real heroes don’t wear capes,’ and it was a police officer sign, and I mounted it in his garage,” said officer Lambert.

While he has fun pulling pranks and making people laugh, it’s also about reaching out to the community and connecting with them.

“People see me on the street every single day. So they know who I am. I’m just a regular person. I like to have fun,” said officer Lambert. “People love it. They think it’s entertaining. It humanizes the badge.”