HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Instead of a traditional egg hunt, the city of Huber Heights is doing something a little different to give back to families and children.

It’s called Hopping in the Heights Egg-Straveganza and it will be held Saturday, April 16 from 2 to 4 p.m. Children will go door to door to collect eggs.

“I think it’s very groundbreaking. It’s a combination between Trick-or-Treat and Easter egg hunts,” said Officer Nick Lambert, public affairs officer for Huber Heights Police.

The city has made it easy to follow the houses on the bunny trail. They’ve posted a map as well as a list of houses participating.

The Easter bunny will also be out taking pictures as children collect eggs. 

While some eggs will be filled with candy, others will have prize tickets. 

“Some of those tickets are bicycles, which is really nice. Fricker’s had donated several bicycles to the kids. We also have several wonderful baskets. There are Easter baskets with toys and gift cards and candy,” said Cindy Davidson of Peace and Tranquility Lake Corp. and the chair for the Huber Heights Arts and Beautification Board. 

Davidson is spearheading efforts, helping organize the event. 

“Our neighbors here are very close. I don’t care if you live down close to Harshmanville, or you’re all the way down to Needmore, or all the way to Carriage Trails. We know each other because this is a way to connect us together,” said Davidson. 

Inside some of the eggs there will be a special golden ticket. 

“These tickets are worth $100 when you bring them to Target to go shopping with a police officer and the Easter Bunny,” said Officer Lambert. “This is right up my alley. I’m very excited.”

The prizes were donated by community members and businesses. 

“It’s a way to unify our city. We have the most amazing neighbors in our city, and the love here in just tremendous. When we organize something like this, we’re doing it to create an experience for families and also the children,” said Davidson.

Children who find a ticket inside an egg, whether it’s a prize ticket or a golden ticket, are asked to bring it to the Huber Heights Target at 6 p.m. Saturday to redeem their prize.