HUBER HIEGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Anita Hendricks would do anything for her six grandchildren. So when her daughter started having trouble finding formula to feed her two children, Hendricks went on the hunt.

“Her husband would go in one direction and she would call here and we would search out this area and try to find any formula,” Hendricks explained.

Hendricks’ family is one of many across the country and in the Miami Valley struggling to find baby formula right now. Supply issues and product recalls are to blame for the shortages. They are also to blame for the constant stress Hendricks is feeling.

“It’s terrifying when you know your baby is on its last bottle…that’s it. And we were looking at eight different stores the last time, and she called over here and we went to Walmart and Target and Meijer, and we just found out Walgreen’s,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks knows she is not alone, and that is why she made a post on Facebook asking people to share their formula sightings in hopes of saving other mothers time and panic.

“I thought you know what, let’s gather together this time. Let’s do something this year and people starting posting ‘I just saw this in this location,’ and they take pictures and post them so we know exactly what’s on the shelf right now,” Hendricks said.

Local health leaders are also trying to help. Trayce Fields, the Ccinical nutrition lab manager at Dayton Children’s, said she and her team are providing resources for families who might be desperate.

“We spent times out in the markets looking at the shelves, and trying to get a handle on what we’re seeing, the ebbs and flows,” Fields said.

Fields also said parents should talk to their pediatricians to find the best alternatives for their babies.

With this shortage only getting worse, Hendricks is hoping there will be a light at the end of this tunnel soon.

“We’re just struggling families trying to get these babies taken care of,” Hendricks.