DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A 3-year-old boy born with a rare congenital heart defect received a new heart Monday.

“We’re excited for the future, you have no idea I just can’t contain myself right now,” Sammy’s Father Garland Jones said.

The moment the Jones family have been waiting for finally arrived, their 3-year-old son Sammy has received a new heart.

“His body color looks better, I mean his lips used to turn blue when he got to the top of the stairs at our house,” Jones said.

On April 23, 2018, Sammy was born with a very rare form of Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a congenital heart defect that affects normal blood flow through his heart. Within hours of being born, Sammy underwent his first open heart surgery. He’s now survived five open heart surgeries, more operations than birthdays celebrated.

“Man, just not knowing, grueling day in and day out and not knowing when,” Jones said. “They can’t even tell you anything, when you get the call you get the call and it’s go time.”

The call came Sunday night. By 11 p.m. that night, Sammy underwent what his parents hope to be his last surgery, a heart transplant.

”God is so good, He comes through every time,” Jones said. “We just remain faithful and vigilant in that regard, we just never doubted it.”

Sammy’s father said although they’re overjoyed with the transplant being a success, they can’t stop thinking about the family who just lost a child. A child who died, but was able to give Sammy a second chance at life.

“Immediately we went from elation to realizing somebody just lost their child,” Jones said. “We prayed over this family, we don’t know who they are or if they’ll even allow us to know who they are. I would urge everyone to be an organ donor because you can very well save a life and who knows the great things this little man is going to do, he’s already a superhero and affected so many lives, it amazes me.”

According to the Super Sammy’s Heart Journey Facebook Page, video of Sammy awake and responding to doctors was posted at 8 p.m. Monday night. Jones said doctors are pleased with his recovery process so far after surgery.

If you’re interested in donating funds to help with medical bills, click here.