DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– With temperatures reaching triple digits with the heat index, our air conditioning units may be running full blast for several days and skyrocketing bills. Plus, the heat may also be causing damage to your vehicle that can be prevented with proper maintenance and preparation.

“If there’s any small leak or small problem like that, it’s going to become a big problem and you’re going to be left stuck on the side of the road,” said Foreign Exchange General Manager Ricky Reilich.

Foreign Exchange is warning drivers to pay attention to three things in your car right now to avoid damage from extreme temperatures. In addition to coolant levels, drivers need to pay attention to their tires to ensure they’re not over-inflated due to hot asphalt and get their engine oil changed early to avoid it becoming sludge in the heat.

“Cars are going through a lot of stress right now just like we are, we walk outside and we start sweating right away, so is your car,” said Reilich. “Your car is sitting out there baking and when it’s sitting in traffic, it’s overworking trying to keep that engine cool.”

To prevent electricity bills rising, McAfee Heating and Air is encouraging Ohioans to not blast their AC for days on end or to turn it completely off during work hours.

“We recommend cooling your home in the morning and maybe a higher temperature than you prefer during the day, when you get back then turn it down to your desired temperature, that’s the best thing to do to save wear and tear on your system,” said McAfee Heating and Air Field Manager Travis McAfee.

McAfee said AC units that are decades old can not operate in this extreme heat, so it may be time to invest for the long run.

“I wish I could say that this is just temporary that prices will go down but probably not, so right now is a good time to invest in the high efficiency system to save you money overtime and save you hassle,” said McAfee.

Other ways to cool down your home are keeping blinds closed, close off unused rooms, swap bed sheets to cotton ones, keep your body temperature low with hydration, crack windows before going to bed or move your bed to lower levels in your home.