DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton Police Department announced Tuesday that they’ve completed installing new Flock Safety Automated License Plate Reading cameras in the area. Here’s how the technology works.

In a press release, Dayton Police said that 11 cameras will be installed in the Old North Dayton neighborhood, 11 cameras in the Twin Towers neighborhood, 10 cameras in the Westwood neighborhood and five cameras in the Central Business District. You can find a full list of camera locations here.

Dayton joins nearby jurisdictions like Middletown, which has 26 cameras of their own.

Flock Safety ALPR cameras send a real-time alert to law enforcement when a stolen car or known wanted suspect from a state or national crime database is detected, according to the company.

In addition, the cameras send alerts if a vehicle associated with a missing person in an AMBER or Silver Alert is detected.

Law enforcement is alerted on their smartphone, their laptop, or on the MDT on their patrol car that a wanted vehicle has passed the camera. Police then know that they can go after it to potentially apprehend a suspect.

Flock Safety officials describe the technology as “purpose-built” to remove human bias from crime-solving.

The cameras and machine learning technology are engineered to capture vehicle characteristics, types and license plates, which are then checked against state and federal records to ensure accuracy and minimize errors.

More information about the Flock Safety company can be found on their website.