XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) — A horse got loose and escaped the track after an incident involving its harness at the Greene County Fair on Wednesday.

According to our partners at the Xenia Daily Gazette, the incident occurred during the third race of the evening on Wednesday as a horse collision caused No. 4 entry Tugboat Tuffy to dislodge from his cart.

The horse found an open gate on the east end of the track and escaped at a high speed. Bystanders reported that the horse eventually stopped next to a dumpster and tree line and control was regained.

The Xenia Daily Gazette reported that a member of the Ohio State Racing Commission, Greg Simpson, said the gate that horse escaped through was broken and not operational. Simpson said that if the gate was closed, the horse would have not been able to escape.

“That horse was at full gallop and it could have come through and killed somebody,” Simpson said.

Tugboat Tuffy’s rider, Bucky Troute, was treated by emergency crews and taken to a local medical facility as a precaution.

A member of the Greene County Fair Board, Dave Elliot, said that maintenance workers will look at the gate on Thursday.

“We’ll get it repaired,” Elliott said. “That’s all I can say about it. If it needs repaired, it’ll be repaired.”

After the incident was cleared, racing continued and the nine-race program was finished.