DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A Dayton non-profit that works with the homeless has completed a 6.5 million dollar housing renovation on South Gettysburg Avenue.

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Homefull purchased the apartment complex from the American Red Cross roughly 5 years ago. Now, as of Tuesday, most of the 6-building complex is full.

The complex has 34 units that are dedicated to helping former homeless people find permanent housing.

The project was paid for with tax credits and the furnishings came from local donors.

“The reactions have just been shocked and amazed. From tears to laughter. You hear the children run up stairs and pick their rooms,” said Theresa Nolan, Homefull’s Chief Operating Officer.

There’s a new playground too. And if you really think about it, the kids here finally have a chance to just be kids.

“The children when they first show up, the first question is pretty much can I go play on the park?” said Nolan.

The units have AC and brand new appliances.

The families that live in the units are formerly homeless and have some form of documented disability.

“Disability could mean a physical disability that you can see but there’s also mental health disabilities and addiction disabilities,” said Nolan.

Tenants will pay reduced rent and can participate in community activities lead by the Homefull staff.

The idea is to keep people here. But like any renter, people can be evicted. Homefull says there’s always going to be a waiting list.

“There are many households in our community that are one paycheck away from homelessness,” said Nolan.

Homefull takes donations of all kinds. Click here to donate.