DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A historic Troy building has been deemed a serious hazard, and Miami County is ordering that action be taken.

On March 27, Miami County’s Building Department issued Adjudication Order #0034, citing Unsafe Building/Serious Hazard for the historic Tavern building at 112-118 W. Main St.

A reevaluation was conducted on the building, and the engineer’s report addresses the need for immediate work. Three options were presented in the report:

  1. Remove all the structures from the site.
  2. Remove the 1902 structure and the structures east, west and south of the 1841 building from the site.
  3. Remove the 1902 structure above the third floor.

The report said that option 1 eliminates the hazards of the building and “is the safest option.”

Miami County said that action is required no more than 14 days from the order.