DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Five years ago, a woman from Michigan was given a second chance at life from a local teen who passed away. Years later, she wrote to the boy’s family to check in.

On Friday, she met her hero’s mother.

Two perfect strangers connected for life through 17-year-old Noah Vess. That bond was strengthened Friday after Noah’s mother met the woman who received her son’s kidney.

The meeting between Noah’s mother and Eve Weiperet was an emotional one, as both had been wanting to see how the other was doing for five years.

“I’m just so happy to know that she’s alive because of my son,” Becky Wargo, Noah’s mother, said. “He’s a hero to me.”

Noah made the choice to be an organ donor a year prior to his passing. That choice gave Weiperet a second chance at life.

“When I went on dialysis in 2016, it was an emergency situation,” Eve Weiperet, organ recipient, said. “My kidneys had failed. I couldn’t work any longer. There were about two and a half, almost three years there where I wasn’t working. So, I feel honored that I’m able to work a full-time job again and contribute.”

Wargo was at a loss for words because of the kind letter Eve wrote, as Noah’s whole family wanted to meet one of several people Noah saved.

Thanks to Life Connection of Ohio, this meeting is something all parties will remember forever.