DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A security guard and an inmate are both dead and have been identified after a shooting incident at Miami Valley Hospital Wednesday morning.

According to officials on the scene, an inmate was receiving treatment in the emergency room at Miami Valley Hospital when he managed to steal a pistol off the armed security guard watching him.

Dayton police reported that there were signs of a physical altercation between the guard and the inmate as the guard sustained multiple lacerations and fractures.

The inmate then shot the security guard in the back of the neck and left the room, said police. Security footage from the hallway showed the inmate pointing the gun at people as he exited the hospital.

The inmate managed to escape the hospital and then shot and killed himself in the parking lot. This happened around 9:45 a.m. according to Dayton police.

The Montgomery County Coroner identified the inmate as 30-year-old Brian Booth and the security guard as 78-year-old Darrell Holderman.

According to police, the security guard was working for Merchants, a security company hired by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to assist with inmates. Sheriff Streck said they’ve been working with private security companies for over 21 years and have never experienced an incident like Wednesday’s shooting.

According to Streck, the inmate had a burglary felony charge and had past crimes related to minor drug charges. Streck reported that the inmate was showing symptoms of detox from either alcohol or drugs, including seizures, and was sent to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment.

“There is nothing in this individual’s past that led anyone to believe that such a horrific incident would occur,” said Streck. “We do send deputies with inmates who are considered high risks through our evaluations but nothing would’ve predicted today’s events.”

Police are investigating how this incident began and why the inmate was not handcuffed. Dayton police reported that no such procedure was in place that would allow the inmate to be uncuffed. They also said the key was found in the leg shackles attached to the hospital bed.

As the investigation unfolds, Sheriff Streck said hospital policies will be changed to allow deputies to stay with inmates at all times while receiving medical attention, regardless of their evaluation.

Our 2 NEWS crews at the scene reported that the ER was closed due to the incident. It reopened around 12:10 p.m.

According to Premier Health, the hospital is now safe and secure.

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