DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– The CDC says it will be releasing updated recommendations for this year’s holiday season. Dr. Fauci recently said it’s too soon to tell whether in-person holiday gatherings should be avoided, but local doctors say the focus is on case trends over the next few months.

Unlike last year, some residents say they feel more comfortable celebrating in-person this year and are planning on trick-or-treating. However, local health leaders say by having Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in a row, it could lead to a perfect storm.

“I do think there is a bit of mixed messaging trying to get back to normal and balance it with protection,” said MVH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roberto Colon. “What we need to understand is holidays are still a month or two away and we don’t know what that’s going to look like so the best way to prepare is to go ahead and get vaccinated now.”

Right now, 54 percent of Ohioans have at least started the COVID-19 vaccination process. At the same time, leaders at the Ohio Department of Health believe we are reaching the peak of cases during this delta variant surge. Dr. Colon is looking ahead to the holidays, which means colder weather and more people gathering indoors.

“That is when masking becomes even more important when we get into those winter times and gather inside, a lot of those outdoor activities go away so masking all the time is going to become important,” said Dr. Colon.

Some Dayton residents say they’re relying on the COVID-19 vaccine for the sake of their mental health and to finally get back to normal.

“We have been getting together and nobody has gotten sick, we’ve been careful, we’re not wearing masks but we’re also not getting together with people who are not vaccinated,” said Dayton Resident Alicia Green.

The CDC is expected to release new guidelines for the holidays in the coming weeks.