HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — Harrison Township has is asking the community to provide feedback in a survey to find ways to improve the area.

The township is wanting to become more “age-friendly”. To be able to have a better understanding of the community members within Harrison Twp., a survey was released to help provide input on where the community should head towards, as a part of a five-year process.

The survey, which can be filled out here, is only for residents residing within Harrison Twp. and has a total of 45 questions for people to fill out.

Some of the questions on the community survey range from information about what neighborhood you live in to your opinions on different aspects in the township, like roads, sidewalks and speed limits. Questions regarding demographics and possible chances of moving out of the township are also included on the survey.

Those that take the survey online should know the answers to the surveys are completely anonymous, so the township asks you to provide truthful answers to all questions asked.