FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) — Like many Miami Valley stores, local Halloween stores are patiently waiting for supplies and costumes. And with Halloween less than a month away, some fear the holiday may be haunted by empty shelves.

From scary makeup to masks and hats, Foy’s Halloween Store has everything you need to make your Halloween costume scream.

“The number one mask is Michael Myers,” said Michael Foy, the store owner.

On Monday, the store was filled with customers old and new. One customer, Cody Curtis said, “I thought it was really cool. I’ve never been in there before. It’s got everything you wanted as a kid all in one place.”

But like most retail stores, Foy said the store saw a drop in sales last year, and this year’s supplies are being impacted by the pandemic-related supply chain issues.

“You name it, we’re experiencing shortages, so we have to go to more suppliers, and it is hard,” he said.

The shortages are impacting everything from costumes and accessories, to their most popular candies.

“The number one candy selling candy we have is cow tales. People like all the different flavors, but they’ll still buy the two flavors we can get,” Foy said.

He said they usually stock up on 90% of their distributer’s candy. This year they’re down to 20%. They’ve already sold close to 400 Michael Myers masks.

“I’ve been here all of my life at this store and never had a hard time getting merchandise until this year,” Foy said.

For store updates and hours, visit the store’s Facebook Page.