DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Local experts are sharing tips to keep kids safe this Halloween.

Using reflective materials or glow sticks in your child’s costume is a great way to keep track of them and ensure they’re visible in the dark to cars.

Dayton Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Coordinator Abbey Pettiford and Dr. Jenny Guest at Springfield Regional Medical Center urge families with children and drivers to stay safe this Halloween.

“Try to encourage your kiddos to wait till you get home so you can put everything out in the light, check everything,” said Guest. “Make sure that obviously nothing’s been tampered with. But even more than that, making sure that everything is safe for kids, especially with those with allergies.”

Medical professionals do not necessarily see an uptick in patients during Halloween. Nationwide, hospitals see double the number of cases during the holiday.

“They may dart in the street more than they normally would. They’re not following the same kind of guidelines,” said Pettiford. “They think it’s a free for all. So being mindful, being aware, keeping our kids safe so that they can enjoy this holiday in a safe and fun way.”

There are several factors to pay attention to, including the weather, cars and visibility.

Before heading outside, health officials say to make sure your kids are bundled up for the weather. Parents and guardians should make sure that their child’s costume is good to go and comfortable to walk in before going out to trick or treat.

Making sure that kids are not running across the street in front of cars is also important. Drivers should have it in mind, because a significant amount more of children will be out of their homes during trick or treat hours.

“We want this holiday to be a safe and fun holiday for everyone. So just being aware that there are more kids out and that kids are having fun, they’re really excited.” said Pettiford.

Trick or treat is scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. in most cities across Clark, Greene and Montgomery counties. To see trick or treat times in your area, view the map.