FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) — It’s that time of year when thousands of people will be heading to Foy’s and downtown Fairborn for the three-day Halloween festival happening Oct. 20-22. 

“Friday night is the Halloween parade, been going on 75 years in Fairborn. Pretty big deal for me,” says Mike Foy, owner of Foy’s Halloween Stores.

Foy’s started as a variety store opening in 1929.

“My grandfather started the store five months before the stock market crashed,” says Foy.

Since then, it’s expanded to numerous stores and properties surrounding Main Street.

“If it was still a 5-and-10, it might not be here,” admits Foy. “We got into Halloween in the ’70s, and it just gets bigger every year.”

Inside the store where it all began, there are still trinkets, novelties, and old school candy.

Foy’s also sells a variety of costumes and masks and everything to celebrate Halloween.

People come back every year for the scares and the screams, with the annual three day festival conjuring up even more business.

“There’s booths. There’s food. There’s games. You just got to come down here,” urges Foy.