DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — With only a few days left before takeoff, guardians met to discuss the best ways to serve veterans on the Oct. 15 Honor Flight Dayton trip.

The Honor Flight Network has been taking veterans to the nation’s capital since 2005 and has so far served more than 245,000 veterans through over 100 hubs across the country. The trips give veterans the opportunity to see their war memorials and they are accompanied by volunteers called “guardians.”

Honor Flight Dayton President Al Bailey speaks to guardians

Held at American Legion Post 598, this trip’s guardians attended a meeting to learn the ins and outs of the flight. Although many of the topics discussed involved healthcare and logistics, guardians were made aware of the emotional impact they can have.

“It’s a healing process,” said Al Bailey, president of Honor Flight Dayton.

Bailey explained how for many of the veterans on these trips, it is their first time visiting the nation’s capital and seeing their war memorials.

Guardian Tom Faris shared that his brother is one of those veterans.

“I think he’ll really enjoy it,” said Faris. “Because, well, he’s never been there.”

Guardian assists a veteran at the Vietnam War Memorial

When asked what he was looking forward to most about the trip, Faris said, “Seeing all the veterans, including my brother on the trip. Seeing their reactions of them, their faces, emotions.”

Out of the 102 veterans scheduled to go on Oct. 15, two of them served in World War II, about 10 served in the Korean War and the rest served in Vietnam or were on active duty in between wars.

Honor Flight Dayton considers being a guardian an honor and a privilege. It’s a great way to give back to those who have given so much.

If you are interested in being a guardian on a future Honor Flight Dayton trip, click here.