XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) — Many families took advantage of a free x-ray scan of their candy courtesy of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Mayor of Xenia Sarah Mays said she always checks her kid’s candy first, but having it scanned gives her peace of mind.

“How fun it is to get our candy x-rayed and a great way to make sure everyone is safe, but also a really unique way to interact with our sheriffs and have that positive relationship,” Mays explained.

Many families finished trick-or-treating with a quick stop by the courthouse to get their candy scanned through an x-ray. After Attorney General Dave Yost announced marijuana edibles may be disguised as Halloween candy, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said they wanted to give some parents peace of mind.

“Halloween has changed a little bit but it’s still a huge night for kids,” said Sheriff Gene Fischer. “We all need to work together to make this a safe event for all kids across this area.”

Sheriff Fischer said the scan was not be able to detect narcotics, but will make foreign objects visible. Mayor Mays said in addition to scanning candy, her family has their own Halloween safety practices.

“We try to be safe and be wise to where we go, look for those porches that are lit and people waving saying hello, so it was a really fun night,” Mays said.

Even if you did not get your candy scanned, Sheriff Fischer advised parents to check their child’s candy first before opening. He said the sheriff’s office has never discovered contaminated candy, and is hoping to continue that trend.