DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A former military subcontractor will spend nearly 3 years in prison.

A Federal Judge sentenced 50-year-old Joel Montgomery for illegally possessing a firearm silencer and equipment that was property of the United States.

Montgomery pleaded guilty to two counts in December of 2019, one for possessing a silencer not registered to him and retaining U.S. property valued at more than $1,000.

Court documents show Montgomery, in June 2015, had a firearm silencer at his home that was not registered to him.

While executing another search warrant at his home in October 2015, agents discovered an AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System and a Control Countermeasures Set Display Unit that were property of the United States.

Montgomery had previously been employed as a subcontractor on a local military base, and during that time, had gained access to the property.

Prosecutors say Montgomery did not return the equipment, instead keeping it for his personal use.