XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Normally a fierce rivalry, both Xenia and Troy High School fans will be decked out in their green Friday night, as they put aside their team colors and come together for Morgan Claude, a Xenia high cheerleader, battling liver cancer.

This is Claude’s first year cheering, although she said it has been a dream since 7th grade. 

She made the varsity team this year, even after being diagnosed with liver cancer in February of 2017.

“It’s Hepatocellular Carcinoma,” said Claude. “I’ve done radiation, surgery, and chemo. I just fight each day and then keep fighting.”

Even though she said she does not like to be the center of attention, she will be under those stadium lights Friday, Aug. 31, when Xenia faces Troy, as just that.

“Both school districts and student sections are doing a green out,” said Xenia High athletics director, Nathan Kop. “We’re doing a joint balloon launch at 6:45 p.m.”

Lisa Bowen, Claude’s mother, said she did not know Troy students and fans were participating as well.

“I’m so appreciative of our community, and our family, and friends,” said Bowen. “And then a completely different school is getting on board, and it just makes me really happy.”

Claude will not be picking up her pom-poms right away though.

After Friday night’s game, she said her mom wants her to head back for treatment at Dayton Children’s, and appreciates everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and love sent her way.

“I waited like a whole week to get out of the hospital just for today and see everyone, and I hope that we win,” said Claude.

The balloon launch is scheduled for 6: 45 p.m. at Cox Field.

Xenia High athletics invite everyone to wear green, the color of liver cancer awareness, and support Morgan.