Governor unveils which sectors of the economy can reopen in the coming weeks

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – On Monday Governor Mike DeWine revealed the long-awaited details of the state’s plan to reopen businesses. The governor says it will happen in phases starting Friday. He says the stay at home order will stay in place while also saying people can shop at retail businesses once they open. 

The governor announced sectors like construction, manufacturing, and retail will reopen in the coming weeks, but many businesses weren’t mentioned. So, some companies have a set date for when they can re-open, but others are still in the dark. 

Governor DeWine says, “We’ve got to open things back up, at the same time we’ve got to protect Ohioans.” 

The first steps to what’s being called the “Responsible Restart” are just days away. 

On May 1st healthcare procedures that do not require an overnight stay will be allowed, and dentists and veterinarians can reopen. 

On May 4th manufacturers, distributors, and construction companies can begin again. 

Then on May 12th consumer, retail & services will reopen. 

The governor says it’s about managing which businesses can limit the risk. “We really started over here with things we can control. We’re going to end up over here. And of course, the last thing that comes in is when you have mass gatherings.” 

All businesses must follow safe practices that include requiring face coverings, daily temperature and symptom checks, and social distancing. But even after businesses reopen, the stay-at-home order will continue, and the governor wouldn’t say for how long. “The stay-at-home order will still be in place. Now obviously they’re modified. Retail is opening up, anybody who wants to go to retail is obviously going to be able to do that.” 

But other sectors of the economy will not re-open. Governor DeWine says, “My heart aches for the businessmen and women who have not been able to work, who are looking at savings going down every day.” 

Daycare centers will stay closed, as will restaurants and bars, senior centers, movie theaters, zoos, and gyms. The governor says, “We’re not quite there yet, we just have to see how this is going to work. We have to see how the numbers look. We don’t want to go backwards.” 

CLICK HERE to see the list of business the state says must remain closed, then click “Continued Closures”.

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