DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton Foodbank is always in search of volunteers to help feed hungry families in the community; and for one local volunteer, service is in her blood.

Doreen Berkhimer has been coming to the Dayton Foodbank for about six years to volunteer.

“We do backpacks for schools. They have a mobile drive-thru back here now that we do. I go out on mobiles. I’ve done office work. I’ve done pretty much everything but clean bathrooms,” Doreen laughs.

For Doreen, giving back to Dayton Foodbank started even before the manual labor.

“I donated money to the Foodbank a lot and I wanted to come in and find out where my money was going and how they were using it. And when I come in and they walk me through the place and the programs, I didn’t realize it was all run by volunteers. So at that they had me hooked,” says Doreen.

Before COVID, Doreen would volunteer once or twice a month. Now, she volunteers about every other month.

She’s no stranger to service. Her commitment to serving the community goes beyond the Foodbank and feeding the hungry.

“I did four years active duty. I got out, and moved here. I did three more years in the Air National Guard,” states Doreen.

Not only does she help feed the community, she’s also feeding workers at the Foodbank.

“I said they let me come back here because I bring them cookies and cupcakes and that every once in a while. So they let me come back,” Doreen laughs.

Doreen goes on to say, “You can just donate money but it’s nice to know you can come in and be physically part of the programs.”