DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Gem City Fish Fry took place Sunday afternoon in Downtown Dayton. 

The event organizer, Tay Winston, says this is something people have been asking for and it’s the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather together as a community.

“I think people are trying to have some fun before the cold weather comes.”

People from all over the community came to enjoy Sunday’s event. There were different food trucks selling all types of fried fish and other foods as well as 20 different vendors selling clothing, jewelry and many other items.

Dozens of people from around the area came out to Courthouse Square to support the local small businesses participating.

This was Tay Winston’s second event at Courthouse Square this year, along with many other events happening throughout the year in various locations.

And she says this fish fry — like many of her other events — is an effort to help people get to know their neighbors and celebrate the community.

“I love it, I just love seeing people together, I’m all about diversity and bringing everyone together to have a good time. And this is the way to my heart too,” Winston said. “Seeing people enjoying and making money and enjoying events.”