DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Drivers may need to pinch pennies when traveling to see family this Labor Day weekend.

In Ohio, the average gallon of gas currently costs $3.61. Last year, the price was $3.67.

When it comes to the influence of gas prices on consumers travel plans, most will look for the best ways to make it work, according to AAA.

“Even adjusting their budget, maybe not going on a trip for as long a period of time, maybe staying closer to home, adjusting how you’re eating out or not eating out at all,” Kara Hitchens, AAA public affairs manager, said. “Things like that in their budget to make to make a trip work.”

As the summer travel season comes to an end, refineries will be getting into a new routine, which could also have an impact on the price you pay at the pump.

“We know that refineries are going to be doing their maintenance and they’re going to be shutting down, doing maintenance, getting ready for winter blends,” Hitchens said. “That takes some refineries offline, which shortens the supply.”

Drivers should expect higher prices as the months get colder.