DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — When motorists in the Miami Valley head to the gas station, the numbers they see while pumping gas are tough to look at. One of the reasons for this is a 25-cent average uptick in production of crude oil.

“Really about the only thing we can attribute that to is the fact that OPEC announced last weekend that they were cutting production on crude,” Kara Hitchens, Public Affairs Manager for AAA, said. “We know that when production on crude is cut, that tends to impact gas prices.”

Hitchens did say it’s not a direct correlation, but it’s more about the mindset on the consumer when it comes to supply. Supply has been down this year as we head to the big travel months, and she recommends motorists have a plan when heading on vacation.

“We always tell people, make sure your car is up to date and take advantage of those discounts and rewards that you can,” Hitchens said. “Whether it’s you know, grocery store points, warehouse points, even gas stations have some discounts on their gasoline as well.”

Most of the customers at the Circle K on Springboro Pike were not pleased with the prices, especially the fluctuation of diesel prices from one gas station to the other. However, the rise and fall in prices is something they’re used to.

“In Ohio, like I said, gasoline has always been a little volatile, kind of up and down the scale,” Hitchens said. “So, you know, don’t panic. Just ride it out and see what happens, but be prepared.”

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