MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) – Fuel prices are falling across the nation and in the Miami Valley. This means a sigh of relief for delivery drivers and truck drivers impacted by record gas and diesel costs.

The average price of gas in Ohio is down 60 cents and diesel is down 30 cents from a month ago, according to AAA.

Daniel Bidlack drives for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Amazon Flex and more.

“I work for, like, six different companies,” Bidlack said. “I kind of set my own schedule and do rides, packages, food, all kinds of stuff.”

He said makes around 30 trips a day, but recent gas prices have caused him to sometimes take a step back.

“It used to be I could go out and do a little bit and it would be fine with gas, but now it’s like I got to make over a certain amount to even make it worth going out,” Bidlack said.

Bidlack said his fuel costs have nearly doubled, so he made sure to fill up when he saw gas under $4 Tuesday.

“It’s awesome,” Bidlack said. “I went from paying, I think $20 to $25 a day to $45 a day. My fuel budget went from like $500, $600 a month to almost $1,000 a month.”

Home Run Inc. located in Xenia transports building supplies to big box hardware stores. Vice President of Operations Tom Milby said skyrocketing diesel costs have also hit the trucking industry.

“This time of year where we’re normally really super busy,” Milby said. “In the past, we’ve had customers begging we haul the material for them.”

Milby said Home Run Inc. had to increase its fuel spending credit limit to $175,000 dollars a week to cover the costs to fuel their fleet. His drivers are instructed to only run their trucks when needed, and the company has increased its fuel surcharge.

Milby said he as noticed diesel prices leveling out and decreasing. He is hopeful this means business will rebound in the coming months.

“I’ve contacted our customers, that’s why they’re saying they think it’s leveled off and we’re going to be this way until the first quarter of next year,” Milby said.

AAA said the drop in price at the pump is likely because demand for gas is down and the cost of crude oil has dropped.