DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center has found a new home.

It’s been nearly four years since the Funk Center closed its doors, but now, their permanent home will be in Trotwood’s Salem Mall, making Trotwood the Capital of Funk Music.

“This is the right time, the right time to bring the funk to Trotwood, and Trotwood will be known as the funk capital in the world,” said Founder & CEO Funk Music Hall of Fame and Exhibition Center David Webb Sr. 

Funk music is returning home to Trotwood. The City of Trotwood and the Funk Center have reached an agreement to turn nearly 20,000 square feet of the Sears Center in the Salem Mall into an educational destination, all in the name of funk music.

“Now, they’re getting away from music,” said Webb. “They want to talk violence and talk badly about women, that’s not what we’re about, we’re about love, harmony, and peace,” said Webb.

The Funk Center’s new home at the Salem Mall will allow them to expand into much more, including an educational center.

“Because of the historical appreciation for what’s happened in Trotwood regarding the funk music scene, it’s a natural fit,” said Executive Director Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation Chad Downing.

“They’re going to have extracurricular programming that’s excellent for our students and youth to come and spend time learning more about how to make music and a studio space for students, so it’s going to be a holistic approach that they’re bringing and quite a resource for the region.”

Famous funk musicians that called Dayton their home are The Ohio Players, Zapp, Heatwave, Lakeside, Slave, Roger Troutman, Shirley Murdock, Van Hunt, Dayton, Sun, The Majestics, Overnight Low, New Horizons, Aurra/Deja, Junie Morrison and more. Now, Webb believes funk music will be making a comeback in the heart of the Miami Valley.

“Music is harmony, harmony is music, harmony is the strength and support for all institutions, funk music is the power of education in Trotwood, Ohio,” said Webb.

Trotwood and the Funk Center say their opening date is still to be determined, for more information, click here.