DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The City of Trotwood continues its push to demolish blighted properties. Officials say the work would not be possible without help from the state and the Montgomery County Landbank.

Through this collaborative effort, they have been able to cover more ground in just a year of the project, tearing down nearly three dozen buildings so far.

The state of Ohio is covering 75 percent of the cost to demolish 35 blighted properties throughout Trotwood.

The Montgomery County Landbank is paying half of the remaining 25 percent. Landbank officials said that Trotwood consistently shows up when offers like this are on the table.

“Each time we’ve offered a program like this, Trotwood has been at the table to take advantage of it,” Mike Grauwellman, Montgomery County Landbank Executive Director, said. “So, kudos to the Trotwood community, folks, in identifying those and doing the work that they need to do to allow us to do the work that we are financed to do by the state.”

Trotwood officials said they are grateful for this funding because it aids in the housing crisis that was heightened in 2019 with over 1100 properties damaged by the Memorial Day tornadoes.

According to Deputy City Manager Stephanie Kellum, they hope that this effort will free up their budget and allow for significant strides for the city as they rebuild for the future.

“We want to reestablish that sense of pride and that sense of hope people have,” Kellum said. “We want to create more housing. We want to infill the backstop. We want to have our residents return. We still have residents who have been displaced because of the 2019 tornadoes. So, until we have all of that housing replaced, our population suffers.”

The Landbank awarded most of the demolition bids to Dayton and Kettering, keeping funding within the county. Trotwood city officials said they will apply for more funding to help demolish more properties before the end of this year.