DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Congressman Mike Turner’s plans to fund a child care facility at Wright Patterson Air Force base (WPAFB) have been passed by the House Armed Services Committee, and are now making their way to the House for a vote.

The $29 million funding for a new School Age Child Care Center at WPAFB was secured as part of the FY23 National Defense Authorization Act. The center is part of a push for an improved child care facility at the base.

In addition to the child care center, the act also increases President Biden’s defense budget, secures funding for critical innovative technologies and improves opportunities for military families, a release from Turner’s office said.

Turner said the funds are highly competitive because people look to the quality of facilities at bases to determine if additional missions should be located there.

“The new School Age Child Care Center will improve the lives of families working on base and increase the competitiveness of WPAFB with its updated facilities and capabilities- making it a premier location for new defense missions on a national level,” said Turner. “Over the last two years, I have secured $53 million in funding for childcare facilities on the base. The passage out of the House Armed Services Committee is the first step to giving parents peace of mind and providing employees with the best resources available to them while they serve our country and work towards our national defense.”

According to the release, FY23 NDAA also includes the following in Biden’s defense budget:

Increased President Biden’s inadequate defense budget by $37 billion including:

  • $525 million for Abram Tank upgrades
  • $400 million for armored multi-vehicles
  • $978 million for 4 additional EC-37B Compass Call Aircraft
  • $714 million for 5 additional C-130J Aircraft
  • Authorizes $25 million for research and development of Sea Launch Cruise Missile-Nuclear (SCLM-N)
  • Authorizes the Small Business Innovation Research Program through 2024
  • Requires reexamination on military housing and education and increases the pay for child development staff on military bases
  • Implemented Military Education for Cybersecurity program
  • Established a program within the Department of Defense to increase STEM research funding at HBCUs
  • Strengthened U.S involvement in NATO and support of our NATO allies
  • Directed Department of Defense to establish a report on Hypersonics
  • Directed Department of Defense to brief Congress on threat assessments regarding China and the Indo-Pacific region as a whole

The FY23 NDAA will now be sent to the House and Senate before it can be signed by President Biden.

The preschool center will soon be under construction, according to the congressman. For more information on child care at WPAFB, click here.