DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — One seed is all you need to create food for the family this summer, and local groups are handing them out for free.

A lot of time, effort, and tools go into maintaining a garden.  The Ohio State University Extension partnered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture through The Greenville Public Library’s “Green Harvest Seed Library” provides free seeds to their 250 members, which has gone on to provide healthier eating and lower grocery bills for families.

Kelly Minnich, Growing Harvest Seed Library Coordinator, said, “We do have a family, she came and got seeds and she wrote a letter and said that, you know, it feeds, it helps their family of 13 and provides, you know, cut cuts costs on the groceries.”

On top of saving some green, gardeners get to control every step of the grow.

Amanda Bennett, Ohio State University Miami County Extension Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator, said, “A lot of people really enjoy learning where their food comes from and enjoy making their own decisions about their food and how it’s grown. So this gives people the opportunity to do just that.”

Being out in the garden, growing vegetables, has physical and mental benefits.

Bennett said, “A lot of people say it’s relaxing, it’s a stress reliever.”

She continued saying, “Really connecting with nature and getting out and doing something that people enjoy. It can be really, really beneficial.”

The entire family can get involved in the process and teach some lessons to the next generation of gardeners.

Bennett said, “Just the rewards of getting your hard work and your determination to make those grow and caring for something outside themselves is a really great tool to help youth learn.”

Seed distribution dates will vary from county to county, and it’s always best to check with your local Ohio State Extension office.