FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) — Every year, Foy’s Halloween stores on Main Street bring thousands of people to downtown Fairborn as the city turns into a Halloween-town. 

“Every year I come down here and it is so much fun,” smiles Judy Warner, a local balloon artist. “The streets are crowded and full of life.”

“I love it, every year. Come out here every year. Have fun with the kids and the old lady,” says James Compton who came from Springfield to visit the store. 

Move over, Michael Myers. In Fairborn, there’s only one Michael who rules Halloween — Mike Foy. 

“He has made it famous for being a Halloween-town,” says Warner. 

“I like seeing everybody. I like seeing all the customers that I’ve seen for years,” says Foy’s stores owner Mike Foy. “It reminds me of my dad and my grandfather. My grandfather started it, and I’ve been here all my life. So, I still feel like a big kid.”

Opening as a five and ten in 1929, Foy’s has transformed over the years, expanding to multiple stores. Floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, stores are packed with hundreds of masks, costumes, and novelties.   

“I’ve been coming here since I was six years old. It’s a tradition,” says TJ Alexander, who came out to look at the displays and shop at the store.  

“It’s a staple. Everybody knows about Fairborn during Halloween. It’s a great time,” says Michael King, visiting the store. 

It’s not just the stores, it’s also properties Foy owns around town that keep people coming from all over to see what he has planned next.

“My house is pumpkins, a lot of different pumpkin things,” says Foy. “The pirate scene stays the same every year. I bought that property just to put pirate ships on.”

“It’s got to be the pirate ship over there –That’s my favorite part,” says Compton. 

Foy also has displays of aliens, zombies, and one paying homage to the hit movie Ghostbusters. 
“I have three Ghostbusters cars that have been built,” says Foy, who’s a big fan of the franchise.

Every year, for him, Halloween is the busiest and most wonderful time of the year.