DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As the fourth ranked college basketball team in the nation tips off tonight at a sold out University of Dayton arena, students were showing their incredible support for the nationally ranked team all day on campus.

The game against Davidson College is being broadcast on ESPN and is a “red out,” as they are encouraging all fans to wear red.

Earlier on Friday, the student section called Red Scare was selling red shirts in advance, and told 2 NEWS, you can’t go anywhere on campus without talking about this year’s amazing season.

“It gets the team jacked up, it’s very intimidating when you come into the arena and it’s 13,000 people all in red at one time, screaming their heads off,” said President of Red Scare, Taylor Genier.

Genier is originally from New York and said he got interested in UD after their basketball team beat Syracuse University a few years ago.

“I always knew they had a strong basketball culture and I knew we were going to be good this year, I just didn’t know how special a season we were going to have, I don’t think anybody could predict this,” said Genier.

Both Genier and fellow UD student and Red Scare board member, Annie Montefiori said the “Flyer Fever” is running high across campus.

“We sell out every single game within 30 minutes for student tickets,” said Genier.

“Anywhere you go, you’re talking about basketball, you’re talking about Obi, you’re talking about our women’s team doing so well,” added Montefiori. “It’s exciting, it’s really getting people out of their shells and bringing together the university.”

Montefiori is a Senior and said while the excitement surrounding the Flyers’ basketball team is always there, this year, it’s out of this world.

“It will be memories that I cherish forever,” said Montefiori. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ve been given, to take advantage of everything that Dayton is really offering now within the athletics.”

There are 3,000 students involved in the Red Scare, 22 students on the Executive Board.

Genier said they spend all week promoting games, giving out promotional items, and creating involvement that helps the team secure victory.

“We’re always doing Flyer Fridays, we’re out here on campus telling people about all sorts of games going on, not just basketball, all the Dayton athletics,” said Genier.

If the Flyers win Friday night at UD arena, they will move to an 18-game winning streak.