DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce held the annual gala ceremony to honor Sheriff Gene Fischer, the late sheriff of Greene County.

At the gala, the first presentation of the Sheriff Gene Fischer Hero Award was presented to five first responders from Cedarville.

The first responders that received the honorable award acted swiftly to save the life of an 82-year-old man. The man needing help is said to have been in cardiac arrest around the time the first responders reacted and appeared on scene to help assist and save the man. At Cedarville University, the 82-year-old was playing a match of tennis, when the health issue struck.

Within just minutes, the five responders are said to have taken immediate action.

A release has identified the responders as Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department Lieutenant Luke Neikirk, Cedarville University Campus Security Chief Don Parvin, Cedarville University Campus Security Officer and member of the Cedarville Police Department Jayson Neri. Jason Robison is a member of the Cedarville Police Department and also received an award, as well as Dr. John Vitaliti, the anesthesiologist.

Three days later after going to the hospital, the man was able to walk out of the hospital.

Neikirk said in a statement that he had responded after just getting home and assisted in the process to help the man in distress.

“I had just got home from work when I saw a cardiac arrest notification on my pager. I went to the scene, and campus security and Cedarville PD were already doing compressions. After using an AED to administer a shock, we retrieved a pulse and gave him care as he was transported to the Miami Valley Hospital,” Neikirk said.

The Xenia Chamber of Commerce Gala was held on Saturday, Feb. 25.