SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — First responders were called to Springfield on Saturday for a report of a train derailment.

According to a release, officials say a team with Clark County Hazmat was activated to survey the derailment “out of an abundance of caution”. The release goes onto say that there is not any signs of injuries or risks to the health of the public.

Crews from Clark County Hazmat, Norfolk Southern and the Ohio EPA are said to have all conducted their own independent examinations of the crash scene and claim there is no evidence to support any spillage.

“Approximately 20 of the 212 cars derailed with four tankers identified with non-hazardous
materials — two tankers contained residual amounts of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and the other
two tankers contained residual amounts of Polyacrylamide Water Solution,” the release said.

Ohio EPA says the two substances being shipped are “common industrial products” to be shipped by railway at the time when the train derailed.

When the train company arrived in Springfield the company is said to have gave a contaminant list quickly. The first responders at the scene are said to have access to the “ASKRAIL” app.

On Sunday, the Ohio EPA is expected to visit the site to watch over the cleanup process of the scene.

A shelter-in-place had been put in place for residents living within 1,000 feet of the derailment scene. The release says the shelter-in-place has since been removed. People in the Springfield area may have been in the dark or are still in the dark. Ohio Edison is said to currently be working to bring power back to everyone.

At the scene, an Emergency Operations Center has been set up and security is on site, since the incident is still ongoing.

A press conference has been announced, but 2 NEWS is working to learn when the conference will be happening.