DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It was a tragic scene Wednesday, January 20, 2022 after a fire ripped through a home on Xenia Avenue in Dayton. Neighbors tried to save the handicapped man trapped inside, but he did not make it.

Firefighters are now urging people to come up with a plan in case of an emergency like this one. According to Dayton Fire Chief Jeff Lykins, investigators found no evidence of working smoke detectors.

“Having two ways out of every room in your house, keeping some clear areas so you can safely evacuate from your home if there is an emergency, and also having a meeting place outside and practicing that with your family,” Cpt. Brad French, public information officer for the Dayton Fire Dept., said.

Cpt. French said for people with disabilities or limited mobility, having that plan is even more crucial.

“It just is a matter of trying to do what we can to prevent that fire from ever happening in the first place. So if you have folks with disabilities from living in your home, take fire safety very, very seriously. Smoke detectors, sleeping safely, all those things to make sure a fire never starts,” Cpt. French said.

Those preventative measure also include making sure you are heating your home safely during the winter months and having smoke detectors in every room.

For more information on fire safety or if you are in need of smoke detectors, visit the Dayton Fire Dept. website.