DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A documentary film set to debut this month will share the story of Dayton’s historic connection to the NFL.

This year marks the 103rd anniversary of the first National Football League (NFL) game ever played, which took place at Triangle Park in Dayton on October 3, 1920.

On that day, the Dayton Triangles stepped onto the field to play against the Columbus Panhandles. The Dayton Triangles won the game 14-0.

Local director and writer Allen Farst captured this story in his upcoming film, “Triangle Park.”

“The first two guys that scored in the NFL are from here,” Farst said. “Lou Partlow was the first guy to ever score a touchdown. It was a run off the right side for seven yards for a touchdown. And then ‘Hobby’ Kinderdine, who lives in Miamisburg, kicked the extra point.”

After finishing his last project, Farst said he wanted to create a film based on something closer to home. That’s when he learned about the Triangles.

“No one had ever told the story of Triangle Park in the first ever NFL football game, and so I just thought, man, what a great place to spend some time,” Farst said.

The film captures not only the game, but the formation of the NFL, and the cultural changes happening in 1920, such as the women’s suffrage movement.

It took around three years of researching, interviewing and filming to get the movie ready for the big screen, which also features some big names in the sports industry.

“Being able to get Michelle Tafoya to be the narrator and Troy Aikman and Joe Buck and, you know, Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Collinsworth, you know, we’ve got a lot of great faces that are helping us shine a bigger light on our town and on our story,” Farst said.

Farst said he’s excited to share an important piece of Dayton and NFL history through the lens of his cinematic style.

“This film will basically allow people to celebrate football in Ohio because our roots are deep and they’re deeper than what most people know in the state,” Farst said.

The film will be released during a sold-out premiere on October 25 at The Plaza Theatre in Miamisburg. It then will appear in theaters beginning November 1. To find where you can watch the film, click here.