DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Starting in March 2023, people receiving SNAP benefits will be back to their pre-pandemic payments.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the maximum amount was given to families regardless of income. So, everyone got the amount of SNAP they would get if they had no income. And at the end of February, that ends, and they go back to their pre-pandemic amount,” Miranda Armstead, a rural advocate with the YWCA, said.

Miranda Armstead is a rural advocate with the YWCA of Dayton. She said this change in income could create extra stress for families, which can lead to domestic violence.

“That’s not to say these things cause domestic violence, domestic violence happens regardless of the situation. But when there are financial issues or other stressors, it just exacerbates the issues that are already there,” Armstead explained.

Jane Keiffer is the Executive Director of the Artemis Center in Dayton. She said the loss in extra benefits could also stop victims from leaving their abusive situations.

“Sometimes folks are just trying to save some money to help them leave and this will impact their savings because now it’s going to have to go towards food or rent, or whatever those are,” Keiffer said.

Because of this, advocates want to remind victims of the resources in the Miami Valley. The Artemis Center has a 24/7 hotline at (937)-461-4357, or people can talk to an advocate online. They also provide crisis intervention and legal help for survivors.

The YWCA of Dayton has two domestic violence shelters and provides services to women and their children. People can call the YWCA hotline at (937)-222-7233.

Armstead also said now would be a good time to donate to local food pantries and shelters in preparation of these changes.

“That’s where a lot of these folks are going to turn, so the food pantries, food banks, that are supposed to be even more supplemental things,” Armstead explained.